IDfy’s Employee Background Verifications

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IDfy’s SaaS-based employee background checks help you create a safe workplace while guaranteeing your candidates a smooth onboarding experience 

The three stages of BGV

bgv stage 1

Pre-joining checks

Set of instant checks that verify important credentials before the candidate joins

bgv stage 2

Post-joining checks

Deep and comprehensive background checks after candidate joins

BGV stage 3

Infinity checks

Regular checks for dual employment and criminal records of employees

Deep BGV Checks

Comprehensive background checks to verify candidates professional history

Address check

Verification of addresses using mobile app to record coordinates and pictures, preventing agent fraud

Education check

Verification through universities with multiple quality controls including 400+ fake universities database

Employment check

Past employment verifications through HR departments, reporting managers, and references


Drug Test Check

Check if the candidate has or had consumed any impermissible or illicit substances'

Digital BGV Checks

Quick turnaround and real-time checks that verify candidate’s from credible databases

EPFO check

UAN-based verification of candidate’s employment history including tenure and employer details

ID check

ID document verifications from government databases covering PAN card, Aadhaar, Driving License, Voter's ID

Court & e-FIR check

Digitised court record checks across a database of 23 Cr+ & only background verification company to do e-FIR checks


Check candidates’ credit history like total debt load, the number of credit lines, timeliness of payment etc.

The best in business trust us with their BGV

3 reasons why you need IDfy’s BGV

1.Built for large enterprises

bgv report
background verification

2. Frictionless candidate journey

Realtime reports & data availability

candidate journey

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